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Conference Room 113 Features:

Thank you for your interest in Conference Room 113. We have designed and equipped this room to be the perfect venue for medium size meetings or gatherings up to 50 people.


Taste, Technology, Comfort and Convenience are built into every room. Whether your needs include a monthly in-person membership meeting - or video-conferencing with outside attendees, the thoughtful design and decor found in every meeting room will provide the professional backdrop and imagery that will leave a positive and lasting impression.


All Conference and Meeting Rooms throughout the Veterans Hall are equipped WiFi access and data port hookups for the latest laptop computers, tablets or other mobile devices. A large hidden audio/visual screen is permanently installed at the front of each room and can be easily lowered to enable you to make smooth effortless presentations.


Electronic white boards or "smart boards" are also available that will allow you to annotate your notes by hand directly onto the display screen during your live interactive presentations. They can be linked directly to your laptop to enable you to call up and present additional information as needed. Information can be saved back onto your computer to enable you create ‘minutes’ for your meeting. Traditional free standing white boards with erasable markers also stand ready in each room to enable users to make notes or post reminders.


Show Your Colors! Convenient mounting hooks and flag stanchions are a staple at the front of every room to allow users to proudly display company or organizational banners and flags as desired.


Flexible and User Friendly. Each of our Conference Rooms are equipped with traditional front podium and standard boardroom-style table and chairs arrangements that can be quickly rearranged to accommodate a wide variety of alternate seating configurations to meet your your specific needs.

Click here to reserve ROOM 113