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Banquet Hall Room Features:

Room Size: 7,000 sq ft. • Seating capacity : 300 • equipped with audio /visual system with 30+ speakers • large presentation screen

Adjoining Commercial Grade KitchenFully Stocked Bar and Lounge

Thank you for your interest in the Veterans Foundation of Stanislaus County - Banquet Hall! Our amazing banquet facility is thoughtfully designed and richly appointed to be the perfect venue for your next formal gathering, distinguished ceremony, private or corporate party, joyous wedding, special anniversary, or for that long awaited family or organizational re-union.


We are exceedingly proud that our brand new, fully appointed, freshly unwrapped Banquet Hall facility can comfortably host up to 300 guests, Your special guests will enjoy rich memories, mellow sounds, and dilectible dining - while you’ll be enjoying the smooth successful staging of your event. Professional organization and smooth (dare we say “military) efficiency are crucial when conducting large complex gatherings such as yours.


Elegance and Efficiency Meets Technology and Taste.

The Veterans Foundation Banquet Hall is a unique blend of Elegance and Efficiency. Every aspect of the our Banquet Hall has been painstakingly considered and smoothly integrated into every aspect of the final design and construction. There is NOTHING like it anywhere in the Stanislaus County.


Our spacious 7000 Sq Ft. Banquet Hall boasts seating, dining, and dancing for up to 300 guests. A generous number round banquet tables were installed and matched with elegant new high back chairs that feature sumptuous materials that were specially ordered for the comfort of your guests. Seating can quickly be removed to convert the Banquet Hall into a large dance floor or presentation venue.

Crisp Sounds or Crisp Salads! Your event will be supported by an amazing audio/visual presentation system that is brand new and absolutely state of the art. There are over 30 speakers strategically installed in very specific locations throughout the Hall to insure the richest sound quality available anywhere. Recessed digital audio/visual projection equipment coupled with a massive presentation screen stands ready for your entertainment or presentation use.


Our large fully equipped commercial grade kitchen is strategically positioned next to the Banquet Hall for convenient serving of sumptuous appetizers, desserts, or full course meal extravaganzas for a large number of guest. Large restaurant capacity stoves, ovens, and a large walk-in commercial cooler are installed and ready for your use. Our highly skilled chefs, serving attendants, and other necessary restaurant staff are available to assist as needed.



Click on any Calendar Date to learn about the availability of the Hall. You’ll be able to fill out and submit an On-Line Application to reserve and utilize the BANQUET HALL facility. Your application will be reviewed and considered by the Foundation management. You will be notified quickly regarding your approval status. THANK YOU for considering conducting your upcoming event in The Veterans Foundation Banquet Hall!

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