Family Services


The Veterans Foundation of Stanislaus County recognizes the importance of the Family structure that forms the firm foundation in our everyday lives. Whether your challenges include health issues or aging, financial hardships like unemployment or housing -  the care, wellness and well being of our families are supremely important to all citizens and veterans alike.


Check out the list of Links provided below. The websites provided feature organizations and business that specialize in serving veteran’s family that are reaching out for family assistance.

Dept. Veterans Affairs


Local Family Services


Stanislaus County Affordable Housing Corporation

1207 13th Street, Suite 2 Modesto, CA 95354

Phone: (209) 574-1155


Stanislaus County Redevelopment Agency

1010 10th Street, Suite 3400, Modesto, CA

Phone: (209) 525-6330

Fax: (209) 525-5911



Habitat for Humanity of Stanislaus County

630 Kearney Avenue, Modesto, CA

Phone: 209.575.4585

Fax: 209.575.0755


Housing Authority County of Stanislaus

1701 Robertson Rd., Modesto, CA

Phone: (209) 557-2000


Stanislaus County Environmental Resources

(Pertains to quality of housing)

3800 Cornucopia Way, Suite C, Modesto, CA

Phone: (209) 525-6700

Fax: (209) 525-6774