Veterans Foundation of Stanislaus County Logo

Our Organizational Logo is steeped in symbolism. The logo shape itself is centered around

360 degrees of vector radial lines punctuated by an outside border that suggests the four

points of a compass. These art elements signify that veterans come to our Veterans Service

Center from all points; North, South, East, and West.


The directional arrows are central to the design and to our mission as they warmly surround

and embrace the Stanislaus County map; pointing viewers to the center and showing that our

mission is Bringing Veterans Together at one central location.


The regal purple color is significant as it honors the recipients of the Purple Heart medal; well earned in

hard fought combat. The chevron represents our enlisted service members while the stars represent

our distinguished officer corps.



Bringing Veterans Together.


The Veterans Foundation of Stanislaus County began with the efforts of the Stanislaus County Veterans Advisory Commission leading a three-year planning process to bring the many veteran's services scattered throughout our County under one roof – creating a one-stop Veteran's Service Center.


The Veterans Foundation of Stanislaus County is actively seeking much needed support from all members of the community,  commercial businesses, and organizations to help sustain and expand our facility and the services we provide to our veterans.


Cities within Stanislaus County, the County itself, Modesto Junior College, the State of California and the Federal government all have programs and benefits to help meet the needs of our veterans. There are more than 30 separate organizations scattered throughout Stanislaus County that are providing various forms of assistance. However, due to confusion caused by non-aligned service efforts,  duplication of services, and geographical distances, many veterans do not know what benefits are available to them - nor where they can go to seek the help that they need.



Veterans Service Center and Veterans Hall.


The City of Modesto, Stanislaus County and Veterans Foundation of Stanislaus County have created a partnership to enter into a ten-year lease of an existing property that is located at 3500 Coffee Road Suite #15; at the intersection of Coffee Rd. and Sylvan Ave. in Modesto, CA.


The Veterans Foundation will command a large portion of the new 37,000 Sq Ft. Veterans Center building, which will  enable us to build a large banquet hall, various meeting rooms, a computer IT Center, and an Entry Lobby themed with historic artifacts and memorabilia donated and loaned by various veterans and groups.


Much of the needed funding for the Veterans Service Center will come from transferred rental space. A number of existing government Veterans Program Offices have move their present facilities and joined us in the new Veterans Service Center to support the “Bringing Veterans Together” mission. The City of Modesto and Stanislaus County are each committing annual financial support well in excess of the six figure range. Additional necessary funding will come from a Veterans Foundation capital campaign and other fundraising activities.


Our new Veterans Service Center has tremendous potential for creating camaraderie among our veterans and military organizations. The convenience of our new meeting facilities will help revitalize the membership of these groups. When the Center is completed and operational, the rare partnership between a separate non profit organization such as the Veterans Foundation of Stanislaus County and local government agencies will stand as a rare shining example and model for the nation to follow.