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There are a large number of military organizations active in Stanislaus County. These groups are widely scattered geographically throughout the County, making it difficult to provide well organized and coordinated services to our veterans in need.


There is now a solution! The Stanislaus County Veterans Advisory Commission has led a three-year planning process to bring these many services under one roof - Stanislaus County's one-stop Veterans Service Center.


Some organizations within Stanislaus County are providing duplicate services. By moving their facilities to one central location, service providers can now coordinate and align their efforts, resulting in optimized, cost effective and efficient operation. Our one-stop convenient location allows veterans to enjoy the convenience of traveling to a single location. Our new Veterans Service Center is strategically located to also provide convenience and easy access for those veterans wishing to utilize nearby public transportation.


Older vets are concerned about preserving history and would like the Center to have a Memorial Lobby; a mini museum showcasing historic military artifacts.





Our veterans come from every walk of life and have fought in every major campaign and minor skirmish. Some of our veterans have just completed multiple tours to Afghanistan. Many have served in Iraq. Others in Vietnam or Korea. Although the numbers are dwindling, there still are a few surviving veterans who fought to end the tyranny of evil in Europe and in the Pacific over seven decades ago in World War II.


Our veterans have many needs. Over 27,000 Stanislaus County veterans have kept us free - and now they need our help. Some arrive home in wheelchairs. Others cope with disabilities such as missing limbs. Many face the long process of recovering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - what we used to call “shell shock” after World War II and the Korean Conflict. It’s estimated that up to 40% suffer various levels of mental illness or have substance abuse issues to overcome. Hundreds are homeless and the numbers are climbing.


In addition to health issues, many veterans need assistance to continue their education or find employment upon re-entering civilian life and returning to their homes in Stanislaus County. A large number of veterans do not know what services are available to them - or even where to turn.


By bringing many of the Stanislaus County existing veteran services together in one location, and linking others together through our comprehensive website and outreach efforts, the Veterans Foundation of Stanislaus County is committed to alleviating the problems and shortcomings of the past. Your participation and kind support will help us achieve our goal!

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